Volume 3 - Number 3 * March 2000
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Campus Computing News

This month, Dr. Leatherbury provides news of a substantial expansion of the Information Sciences Building and a new Web publishing policy that is in the works.

Remedy: Take the Cure

This is an extensive revision of last month's article on Remedy. UNT's automated trouble call tracking system..

GroupWise Document Management: Storing Documents

This is the second in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.

Loads O'Links

Once in awhile we like to highlight UNT Web sites that are of interest to the campus community but may have escaped your detection. The last time we printed such a list was in June of 1999, so we've been overdue . . .

Don't forget to check out our monthly columns. This month's topics:
  • RSS Matters -- "Resampling Based Statistics in S-Plus"

  • The Network Connection -- "Mailing Lists: Alive and Well"

  • List of the Month -- "The Frugal Life"

  • WWW@UNT.EDU -- "ApacheCon"

  • Short Courses -- Update on the various courses offered this semester and other training opportunities on campus.

  • IRC News -- Minutes of the December, 1999 and the February, 2000 meeting.

  • Staff Activities -- New employees, employees that have resigned, staff professional presentations and more are included in this article.