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Staff Activities


We welcome the following new employees:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinkel-Turner, ACS General Access Lab manager. Dr. Hinkle-Turner joins us from the College of Music where she was Computer Operations Manager for Music Technology and Manager of the Computer-assisted Instruction Lab there. She continues her association with the College of Music in other areas. We look forward to benefiting from her expertise.
  • Robert Allen Holland, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • Terry Donaldson, Datacom Technician (part-time).
  • Susan Ming-Ping Tsang, I/O Operator (part-time).
  • Helena Brashear, new full-time Programmer on Voice and Web Strategic Applications Team.
  • Joshua Kunkel, Report Distribution Assistant (part-time).
  • Jamie Young, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • Christopher Langford, Data Communications Assistant (part-time).
  • John Kulmacz, Data Communications Assistant (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Dianna Mullett -- Much to the chagrin of her co-workers, Diana Mullet, Lead UNIX Systems Administrator, resigned last month to take a position on the messaging team of
  • Denny Fisher, Communications Systems Technician (part-time).
  • Stacy Hartoon, Tape Librarian.
  • Hong Chen, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Yvonne Condron, I/O Consultant (part-time).

Other Changes

  • The Voice Response Applications Team has changed its name to Voice and Web Strategic Applications Team.

Awards, Recognition

  • Rebecca Padia, Planning and Administration Administrative Assistant, was recognized in the February 2000 Human Resources Newsletter for her suggestion to the TIPS program.

Publications, Presentations

  • Dr. Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager, had a paper delivered at the 41st Annual International Studies Association Convention, Los Angeles, CA, 14-18, March 2000. The paper is titled "Bound Competition, Tolerance and Human Rights in Domestic Contentious Politics," and co-authored with John King of American University.

  • Mark Wilcox, Campus Web Administrator, presented a paper on Apache and LDAP at ApacheCon this month. For further details see "WWW@UNT.EDU" in this issue.