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HTML Formatting in GroupWise 5.5

By Mike Williams, Campus Wide Networks Desktop Support Specialist

Are you aware of the HTML formatting capability of the GroupWise 5.5 Enhanced Client?

  • You can add images in gif, jpg and bmp format to your messages.
  • You can format your text   using different colors and fonts with bold, underline and Italics.
  • You can add an image to the background or pick a background color.
  • You can add horizontal lines.

To use the HTML formatting in GroupWise you will need to create a new mail message (click on FILE>NEW>MAIL or press Control + M). Then click on VIEW>HTML. Now you will need to open the message full screen to see all the toolbar icons on the bar above the body of your message. Just move your cursor over the toolbar icons to get a toolbar message telling you what function each icon has. Important: When adding an image to an email you must deselect the image before you send the message or it will cause problems and shut down GroupWise. To make sure the image is deselected click on it and then click somewhere else in the body of the message, the resize boxes should be gone from your image. Just experiment and have fun sending cool E-mail.  

More Information

For more information about the GroupWise 5.5 Enhanced Client, drop by and take the GroupWise 5.5 Enhanced Client CBT tour.