Volume 3 - Number 5 * May 2000

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The "love bug" bit UNT this month, with a vengeance. Read Dr. Leatherbury's ILOVEYOU diary and reap the benefits of his experience.

Renew PRAS Accounts for the Summer

You will need to renew your Premium Remote Access Service subscription if you only paid through the spring semester and you want to keep it through the summer. You may also need to take action to ensure the continuation of your UNT Internet Account, under certain circumstances.

Need Statistics for Your Website?

If you have a Website that is hosted by Central Web Support at UNT, you can get a detailed statistical report of Web use for that site.

Save a Tree. . . .E-mail Your Homework

Did you know that the General Access Labs have printing policies? Well they do, and they're not just for students either.

Virus Protection Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Protecting your computer from viruses just might mean never having to say you're sorry. Read this article to find out how to get automatic VirusScan updates for your home computer and what "Crispen's Six Antivirus Rules" are.

HTML Formatting in GroupWise 5.5

Did you know that the GroupWise 5.5 extended client allows you to "webify" your E-mail? Now your mail messages can be just as colorful and creative as a Web page.

GroupWise Document Management: Checking Documents In and Out

This is the fourth in a series of articles on the topic of GroupWise Document Management.

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