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Need Statistics for Your Website?

By Shane Jester, Central Web Support

If you have a Website that is hosted by Central Web Support at UNT, you can get a detailed statistical report of Web use for that site. The report will contain a general summary of statistical information including the following:

Successful requests - The number of total successful requests for any files on your site.
Average successful requests per day
Successful requests for pages - the number of total successful requests for Web pages only (does not include images)
Average successful requests for pages per day
Failed requests - number of links to pages or files that do not exist (helps to find invalid URLs in your site.
Redirected requests - any links to built-in redirects on your site.
Distinct files requested - number of different files that were requested through period (duplicate requests not counted)
Distinct hosts served - number of different computers that accessed your site
Data transferred - total amount of data that was transferred in kilobytes
Average data transferred per day

Additionally, you will receive more detailed statistical information including weekly usage breakdown, a list of files requested with the number of requests for each file, and a list of sites that referred your site (i.e. linked to your site).

Currently we produce statistics twice a month. The statistical information periods are the 1st - 15th and 16th - end of month. The statistics are sent via E-mail within a few days of the end of a statistical period. If you would like to receive these statistics please contact and include the URL of your Website in addition to the E-mail address where you would like the statistics mailed.