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GroupWise Tips

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

Last month we published an article "Getting Wise to GroupWise," that gathered together links to past Benchmarks Online articles and other information on GroupWise into a single, hopefully helpful, location. At the same time, Andrew McGregor, CWN Messaging Support Specialist , started a weekly "Tips" service for GroupWise users. He has been sending out "Tips" E-mail every Monday "to better explain the capabilities and features of GroupWise." Topics covered so-far include how to find out what client you are using (click on the "Help" menu item in GroupWise, and choose "About GroupWise." Right below the picture, it should say "Program Release" and will have a number, which is the version number), how to retrieve a document into a mail message (press the "F11" key when you are creating a new E-mail message in GroupWise. A dialog will pop up and you will need to navigate to where the document is located. When you locate the document, select it and click "Open". The document will be then retrieved into the E-mail message), and much more.

There are plans for all the "Tips" articles to be available on a "Tips" Website in the near future. Until then, it is a good idea to move the "Tips" messages into their own GroupWise folder so that you can refer to them in the future.

Other GroupWise Information

As we said last month, the definitive source of GroupWise information on campus is the Campus Wide Networks (CWN) Computing Team's GroupWise Website. From this site you can read and/or download:

  • GroupWise Users Guides, including:

    GroupWise 5.5 - User's Guide for Windows 32-Bit

    GroupWise 5.5 - WebAccess User's Guide

    GroupWise 5.2 - User's Guide for 32-bit Windows

    GroupWise 5.2 - User's Guide for 16-bit Windows

    GroupWise 5.2 - User's Guide for Macintosh

  • GroupWise 5.5 Enhanced Client Computer-based Training (CBT)