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By Mark Wilcox, Campus Web Administrator

Changes in Central Web Support Staff

We've had some major changes in Central Web Support in the past 6 weeks or so. Shane Jester was promoted to Associate Web Administrator. Sharon Marek, who has worked in Central Web Support since its inception (actually she even pre-dated me as far as employment in the Computing Center goes), left UNT to pursue other interests.

We also got approval to add a new position in our office (technically that's where Shane's promotion came from). With Sharon's leaving and Shane's promotion, that left us with 2 open positions to start the fall. Well, we've filled them.

Our new employees are:

  • Charity Beck -- Charity comes to us from TWU. You can reach her at or 369-7440.
  • Austin Laird -- Austin transferred in from the ESSC. You can reach Austin at or 369-7440.

We're glad to have them aboard, and we're sure you will be too! :)

Until next time.