Volume 3 - Number 9 * September 2000

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Campus Computing News

If you are an employee at the UNT Denton campus or the System Center, but not the Health Sciences Center, you can purchase Microsoft products from the University Bookstore for essentially the cost of reproducing the CD-ROM's needed to install them. Read the article for all the details.

Happy Tenth Birthday General Access Labs!

One of the most visible examples of student technology fees at work is the convenient location throughout the UNT campus of general access computing labs; a project which marks its tenth anniversary this year. Find out more about the labs in this article.

Lots O'Links

It's a new semester and time to highlight UNT Websites again.

Getting Wise to GroupWise

We publish articles on various aspects of GroupWise, the official mail system for UNT faculty and staff members, on an almost monthly basis.Read this article for a definitive (at least for a little while) source of helpful information on GroupWise.

Today's Cartoon

Click on the title above for an information age laugh.

Don't forget to check out our monthly columns. This month's topics:
  • RSS Matters -- This month we review some of the results of beta testing for the as yet unreleased version of S-Plus for Windows and UNIX.

  • The Network Connection -- "News from the Internet Front"

    For the want of a nail, a shoe was lost;
    for the want of a shoe, a horse was lost;
    for the want of a horse, a rider was lost;
    for the want of a rider, a battle was lost;
    for the want of a battle, a kingdom was lost,
    and all for the want of a horse shoe nail.

    Read this article and find out what might be lost for want of a clue.

  • List of the Month -- "Online Resources for Modern Scholars" In honor of a new semester, we are featuring not one, not two, not three, but four (!) cool Websites to help you become a better, more efficient scholar.

  • WWW@UNT.EDU -- "Student Organizations on the Web," read all about it.

  • Short Courses -- Update on the various training opportunities on campus.

  • IRC News -- Minutes of the Information Resources Council are printed here when they are available.The July 18, 2000 minutes are featured this month

  • Staff Activities -- New employees, employees that have resigned, and staff awards, recognition, performances, and presentations are included in this article.