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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Jason Tucker, CPU operator (part-time).
  • Thomas (Spencer) Metcalf, I/O consultant (part-time).
  • Douglas Alders, CPU Operator. He's baaaaaaccccckkkkk ....
  • Attila Hakimoglu, Computer Systems Manager in Data Communications, NCS.
  • Ryan Boettger, Data Entry Operator (part-time).
  • Richard Sanzone, Returning Helpdesk Microcomputer Consultant (part-time).
  • Garret Rumohr, Returning Helpdesk Microcomputer Consultant (part-time).
  • Latonya Banes, Telephone Operator (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Sharon Marek, Web Developer UNT Central Web Support.
  • Anne Fiedler, University Information Operator.
  • Anima Gupta, Report Distribution Assistant (part-time).
  • Glenn White, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • Sriram Yadavalli, ACS General Access Lab Consultant (part-time).

Awards, Recognition, Performances, Presentations

The Computing Center has a lot of Soaring Eagles this month. The following people were recognized as people "who practice exceptional customer service" in the September 2000 Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Mohammad Alsadka, a Helpdesk Microcomputer Consultant, was recognized because, according to the Human Resources Newsletter, ". . .when a staff member went to get a new password, she was so impressed by your helpful nature and sense of humor, she just had to let us know. Thanks for Soaring!"
  • Stuart Christian, Blair Copeland, and Lance Harris of the Data Communications staff were recognized for getting the Health Center computers up and running in record time after a building-wide shutdown.
  • Lisa Bruni, Campus Information Operator, was recognized for taking extra time in helping someone find needed information.

Dr. Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager, attended the American Political Science Association's 2000 meeting held at Washington, D.C., August 31 to September 3. He presented the following papers:

"Asian Values: Democratization, Human Rights, and Economic Development in the 20th Century Taiwan and Beyond," co-authored with Max Yu

"When Variability Does Not Vary: Modeling Human Rights in Time and Space," co-authored with John King of American University

Sandy Burke, Manager of Computing Center Help Desk Support Services; Howard Shaw, Student Records Data Systems Programmer; Jennifer Johnson, Assistant Director for Computing Center Planning and Administration; Rebecca Padia, Planning and Administration Administrative Assistant; and Linda Wallace, Student Records Data Systems Programmer/Analyst, participated in the Donna Trammell musical, Reel Time 2: The Sound of Musicals this summer. They sang a song called "Loss of Memory" to the tune of "Memory" from the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This was the summer community musical/fundraiser for Music Theatre of Denton and was seen by approximately 800 people and raised approximately $12,000 dollars to support MTD's 2000/2001 season of main stage musicals. Over 120 people from throughout the Denton community participated onstage and backstage.