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UNT is now connected to Internet2! You may be wondering how you can actually use Internet 2 ("I2") and what you have to do to get connected to that backbone network. This article is a short description of the technology and the procedure you follow to use Internet2.information about other faculty research grant opportunities.

Getting Help at the Helpdesk

If you click on "Help" from one of the official pages off the main UNT Website, you will be taken to a page that tells you how to get help on a variety of things. The first item listed there is "Computing Center Helpdesk," followed by the statement: The place to go for help with anything related to computing at UNT. That statement is worth remembering.

Loads O'Links

Once a year or so we like to highlight UNT Websites that are of interest to the campus community but may have escaped your detection. .

The Force is almost with us!

Dr. Hinkle-Turner is taking a break this month from her General Access Lab feature to share some news about another important aspect of Student Computing Services here at UNT: computer-based training.

Today's Cartoon

Click on the title above for an information age laugh.

Don't forget to check out our monthly columns. This month's topics:
  • RSS Matters -- "Summer programs in Quantitative Methods" Have you ever thought of taking a summer program at the University of Michigan or in Europe? Every summer, RSS offers financial support to UNT students to attend the summer program held by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). The consortium offers a series of quantitative methods courses being taught by renowned researchers or scholars in various disciplines.

  • SAS Corner -- "IML Workshop and IMLPlus" This article introduces the latest development of one of the SAS languages called Interactive Matrix Language (IML).

  • The Network Connection -- "We've Arrived at Internet2" Starting on March 30, 2001, the University of North Texas was connected to Internet2. Right here, in this column, you can learn the technical significance of Internet2.

  • List of the Month -- "TipWorld's 'Cool Web Site of the Day'" Find out about all the cool sites you've been missing.

  • WWW@UNT.EDU -- "What’s up with WebCT @ UNT?" Read the article and find out.

  • Short Courses -- Spring Academic Computing Services (ACS) short courses are over, but other learning opportunities are still available.

  • IRC News -- Minutes of the Information Resources Council are printed here when they are available.The March 13, 2001 minutes are included this time.

  • Staff Activities -- New employees, employees that have resigned, employee awards and recognitions and other staff changes are included in this article.