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The Force is almost with us!

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

I am taking a break this month from my General Access Lab feature to share some news about another important aspect of Student Computing Services here at UNT: computer-based training. UNT has for several years offered extensive online training free-of-charge to students, faculty and staff. Provided by Smartforce (formerly CBT Systems), this Web-enabled catalog of courses features training in such topics as Cisco Desktop Protocol Design, Firewall Principles and Internet Security, JavaScript Language Basics, Oracle 8i and Microsoft Office 2000. The quality of self-paced instructional materials is thorough and rigorous enough to provide the training needed for certification in these topics but also easily configurable for the casual user who simply wants to know how to make a better Excel spreadsheet. The Smartforce e-learning company (at is a leader in the area of online computer training making this a valuable free resource provided to the UNT community.

The computing staff at the Willis Library has been administrating this service since its acquisition and I want to publicly thank them for their hard work in this area. Administration duties have been transferred to Academic Computing Services (and yours truly). Several tasks must be completed before this tool is once again available including the installation of upgraded learning modules about new products and the maintenance of user accounts. UNT community members will no longer need to register separately for this service, instead it will be available using their EUIDs. A UNT/Smartforce Website will be created and maintained for ongoing e-learning tips and tools.

I anticipate the Smartforce system being in full production again by the beginning of the Summer I semester [in the meantime, please delete all links to]. Look for updates from me via the Web and E-mail about this valuable learning service. Currently I have a complete list of the new courses which is available as a handout at the Computing Center Helpdesk in ISB 119. Any additional questions or comments about the Smartforce computer-based training system should be directed to me at