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Computer Purchase Information Now Online

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

Perhaps one of the best kept but unintentional secrets of the last 12 years is that UNT has had an agreement with Apple Computer to receive special educational pricing on Apple Macintosh computers and software, both for University purchases as well as individual personal purchases. In the last year, this opportunity has become even more advantageous, with educational pricing at a lower level than most commercial purchase opportunities.

In an attempt to make the Apple agreement and other opportunities less of a secret, we have created a web page to highlight some of these offers to our higher education community. The web page,, is part of the Computing Center's HelpDesk site and currently provides links to information about Apple, Compaq, and Dell computer higher education pricing.

This page is not meant as an exclusive endorsement of any of these company's computers, but rather to highlight these pricing agreements, where they are in place, or to provide information and links to vendors who support higher education with special discount programs for individual purchases. Hopefully, it will be a useful source of information, and perhaps an opportunity to do some comparison shopping, for UNT students, faculty, or staff who are considering a computer purchase.