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EagleMail News

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

One E-mail account coming up - no waiting!

The student EagleMail account application found at now provides almost immediate access to E-mail and other services. Previously, accounts were not activated until 8:30 p.m. after the online application was completed. Academic Computing Staff have upgraded the EagleMail application page so that it creates a password entry and EagleMail mailbox as soon as the the application is successfully completed. The EagleMail account will be fully functional an hour after the application is completed.

EagleMail in an Instant

One side benefit of this instant access is that other services which employ the EUID and EagleMail password, such as WebBills or personal Web page publishing, are now immediately accessible upon completion of the EagleMail account application. To eliminate the need to apply for services twice, the process which allows students to set a password for WebBills now also activates EagleMail at the same time - one stop shopping all around. Some students may need to set a WebBills password again so that their EagleMail account will be activated.

EagleMail - it's not just a good idea...

UNT policy number 18.5.7 ( requires that students activate their UNT E-mail accounts and that they read "their E-mail frequently enough to receive important communications from the University." It also allows for use of external E-mail systems: "Students can forward their mail from the UNT-provided mail service to a preferred account on some other E-mail service. Students are responsible for ensuring that any forwarding address they set is accurate and operational." Students can set a forwarding address as well as control or monitor other features of their EagleMail service by visiting the UNT Internet Services page (

Looking forward

While students can use Hotmail or Yahoo to read their messages, we still think that EagleMail has a lot to offer (accessibility and reliability being a couple of those things). In the next couple of months, we will be testing and implementing a new version of the software that runs the EagleMail Web client. The new version includes a number of new features that allow you to customize various aspects of the E-mail interface and operation.

You can help us evaluate the new interface. To do so, go to the EagleMail login page ( and click on the "New EagleMail Interface" link. You will then login with your EUID and password. Please note that the new interface no longer uses frames in order to comply with ADA standards. The new interface does, however, provide access to all of the same features as the old interface with many new additions. Please try out all of the new features (including the newly expanded "options" area) and report any problems to the Helpdesk.