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Forget about Santa Claus; 'GAUSS' is coming to town!

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Forget about Santa Claus; 'GAUSS' is coming to town!

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

During the winter break, a new server will be brought online which promises to significantly contribute to statistical research here at UNT. Housing of statistics applications and data has typically been on the server ACSLAB, but the increasing size of current stat packages coupled with the heavy use of CPU services by the ACS General Access Lab, has prompted the purchase of a machine specifically devoted to needs of statistics scholars.

photo of a Compaq ML530 server
Ever wondered what a server looks like? Well, now you know!

Named GAUSS after one of the early statistics and number theorists ( To read more about Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss click here), this Compaq Proliant ML530 server sports a 1 Ghz Xeon processor and 512MB of RAM. Most importantly, with 72 GB of drive space available, there is plenty of room for all the statistical research applications utilized on campus, all the data collected and needed by UNT scholars, and the inclusion of a "hot spare" drive for greater hardware integrity. Additional drive slots are available should even more disk space be needed.

The migration from ACSLAB to the GAUSS server will be gradual. All ACSLAB statistics services will remain in place until Fall 2002 (and beyond if necessary) in order to give network personnel plenty of time to reconfigure shortcuts and permissions. Researchers should not be affected at all as their rights to files and folders will be transferred to the new machine. Most importantly, software and hardware use will be carefully tracked from the new server so that licensing and disk needs can be more easily assessed for expansion purposes. GAUSS will be a Novell NetWare 5.x server with Zenworks 3 for maximum machine administration capabilities.

With more drive space will come more room to offer new statistics software and services. Dr. Karl Ho has already made several purchasing requests in anticipation of this and testing will begin on new products during the winter break. As the server administrator I am excited about bringing a new research server online for the university community and look forward to continuing to provide updates on its installation and services. For more information about GAUSS itself and the installation and migration process, you may contact me at For more information about software licenses and new statistics plans and products, contact Dr. Karl Ho at