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Campus Computing News

By Pat Evans, Assistant Manager of the Computing Center HelpDesk

Remote Access Configuration Alert

Due to recent changes required after the upgrade to new DS3 lines at UNT, previous DNS (Domain Name Server) entries are no longer valid.


After connection to UNT Dial-Ups have been established, unable to browse the Internet. Common error messages are: "Unable to locate server" or "DNS entry not found".


UNT uses dynamic IP addressing and requires TCP/IP to use Server assigned name server addresses. Using Specified name server addresses does not allow for dynamic addressing and will result in the above Problem.

Customer's Affected

If you had previously installed Remote Access using the UNT Internet Services CD previously distributed by the Helpdesk and sold through the UNT Bookstore, settings used at the time the CD was created are no longer valid.


For PC's and Mac's (OS 8.6 and higher), dynamic addressing needs to be supplied by server. Included below are steps for users to take to correct this configuration issue.

  • For PC users (Windows 95/98/WinMe):
For Network components:
Go to My Computer
Go to Control Panel
Go to Network
Click TCP/IP, if there are multiple click TCP/IP->Dial Up Adapter
There are three things to check:
1. Under the IP Address tab >>> Obtain IP address Automatically
2. Under the WINS Configuration tab >>> Disable WINS Resolution
3. Under the DNS Configuration tab >>> Disable DNS
If you change anything, after OK'ing out of the windows it will ask you to reboot. Do so.
For Dial-Up components:
Go to Dial-up networking (Start, Programs, Accessories, Dial up - or Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, Dial up)
Right click on the connection to UNT (UNT PPP or Denton General or whatever you may have named the connection when it was created)
Click Properties
Check the following:
Go to Server Types, then TCP/IP Settings: Selections should be "Server assigned IP address" and "Server assigned name server addresses". The bottom 2 boxes (IP header... and Default gateway...) should also be checked.
After doing this you must restart the computer.
  • For Mac (OS8.6 and higher) users:
TCP/IP settings:
Once you have opened TCP/IP settings (located in Control Panel), configure TCP/IP similarly to:
Connect via: PPP
Configure: Using PPP Server
IP Address:, Subnet Mask:, Router Address: will be supplied by server
Name Server address and Search Domain boxes should remain blank.
After making changes, close window and save changes.
  • For Mac (OS7.1-OS8.5) users:
TCP/IP (MacTCP) settings:
Once you have opened TCP/IP settings (located in Control Panel), configure TCP/IP similarly to:
Name Server addr.:,
Search Domain:
After making changes, close window and save changes.

Still can't Get it to work?

If you have done all this and it still doesn't work then give us a call at (940) 565-2324 and we will work on it with you.

We wrote about "Internet Bandwidth Issues on Campus" in this space last December, and mentioned that we had DS3 circuits on order. A new 45 Mbs DS3 connection went into production on 01/30/01.