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Faculty Evaluation Processing Tips

By Joann Luksich, Data Entry Coordinator

Here are some helpful tips on preparing your department’s evaluations for processing by Data Entry.

  1. Complete a Faculty Evaluation form. Be sure to include a contact person and phone number as well as the correct semester and year at the top of the form.
  2. Indicate columns for Instructor number, Course number, and Section number. If unsure, contact us and we will provide this information.
  3. Indicate whether you wish for the professor’s names to be included on the report, or whether you wish for codes only to appear on the reports.
  4. Important: If you are requesting the Instructor’s names to be included, please provide us with a list of professors and codes assigned to them.
  5. Check all reports needed. If none are checked, we will provide your department with reports produced in previous semesters.
  6. Indicate number of copies needed.
  7. If your department needs response data on disk, please indicate so in Special Instructions on form, and provide us with a disk upon delivery.
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY - Each group of scantrons must be separated (paper clips, rubber bands, envelopes, etc.) at each point the instructor OR course OR section changes. Also, please be sure that scantrons are all face up, with the "cut" corner aligned.
  9. The FIRST SCANTRON of each group must have the Instructor number, Course number and Section number written and bubbled in the Identification Code field. The following scantrons of that group do not necessarily need to be coded.

Evaluations are processed by Data Entry in the order they are received. Please feel free to contact us at 565-3887 or 565-2213 if we can help in any way. Thank you.