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List of the Month

Each month we highlight one Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list or Website.

We don't normally like to promote fee-based services in the "List of the Month" space, however this month's lists provide such valuable services that their fees seem negligible compared to their potential for saving lives -- maybe even yours or your loved ones. -- Ed.*


Mission: To protect and save lives by providing identification and information in emergencies.

According to information on their Website, the MedicAlert Foundation is "a leading international emergency medical information and identification service, and one of the world's largest non-profit organizations." It represents over 4 million members worldwide, and has has helped protect and save lives for nearly 45 years. You will need to join MedicAlert® in order to benefit in the MedicAlert® service, which are outlined below [they are running a "winter special" on their memberships right now].

Benefits (according to MedicAlert®)

  • Instant ID: Your Membership number, shown on both your emblem and card, enables you to be identified by emergency professionals anywhere in the world, with a simple phone call.

  • Protection: The MedicAlert® service is a lifeline. We build partnerships with emergency professionals who search for our famous emblem in emergencies, read it and call our 24-hour Emergency Response Center. Peace of Mind: MedicAlert Foundation will call family contacts so you won’t be alone in a medical emergency.

  • Privacy: All medical and personal information is kept confidential and never given or sold to other companies or organizations.

Things to Remember about MedicAlert®

  • Make sure to keep your records with them updated. They should be notified of changes of medications, insurance, added conditions, etc. so that you can get the very best care possible during an emergency.

  • If you already have a MedicAlert® bracelet, it's most likely time to renew your file!

Safe Return Program

Help for Alzheimer's Patients

Although not affiliated with MedicAlert®, the Alzheimer’s Association’s Safe Return Program provides similar services specifically for Alzheimer's patients. According to their Website, "it is the only nationwide program that assists in the identification and safe, timely return of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias who wander and become lost.

This program includes:

  • Identification products, including wallet cards, jewelry, and clothing labels

  • National photo/information database

  • A 24-hour toll-free emergency crisis line

  • Alzheimer’s Association local chapter support

  • Wandering behavior education and training for caregivers and families.

Links for this month's "List of the Month":


MedicAlert outside the U.S.:

Alzheimer's Association:

* Thanks to Randy Cassingham at This is True for highlighting these services first.