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RSS Matters

Bits and Tips, plus more free stuff

By Dr.Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

Beginning 2001, I determined to focus a bit more on introducing or evangelizing SAS in the SAS Corner. That new column serves as a kiosk in delivering the latest news and features of the SAS system. But I think our editor will not mind I cross the RSS matters column and my new one every once in a while. 

Okay, here goes:

Reminder: for those who are not aware of the student versions of the statistical applications, check out the UNT Bookstore. Both SAS and S-Plus are $25 for the full package. Remember to bring your Student ID and fill out the form for purchasing the software.

Again, SAS stuff. SAS has published free tutorials on the Web (yes, finally). These free on-line tutorials give excellent information on using SAS products:

Titles include:

  • Getting Started with SAS Software

  • Getting Started with SAS/ASSIST Software

  • Getting Started with Enterprise Guide

  • Getting Started with SAS/EIS Software

  • Getting Started with SAS/GIS Software

  • Getting Started with Enterpise Miner

  • Getting Started with SAS/Warehouse Administrator 

For the SAS fans, SAS Institute biweekly sends out technology reports via E-mail on the most update developments to the system, To subscribe to SAS Technology Report, visit the site at:

I have selected a sample of great articles from the report. In future Benchmarks Online issues I will keep you updated on these resources.

By the way, don't forget the RSS short courses. Check the schedule and register.  All courses are free, but packed with new information on research and updates of statistical applications!