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Need Statistics for Your Website?

By Shane Jester, Campus Web Administrator

Are you tired of having limited Web publishing options for your Website. We've been making some changes in Central Web Support and you now have several options for Web publishing at your disposal.

We've recently migrated all of our Web servers to a Linux server farm which resides behind a load balancing Web director.  Not only does this result in better performance from our Web servers, it has also allowed us to make some changes in our authentication protocols. You may already be aware of this fact, but all of the centrally supported Web servers are now using the WebDAV protocol for publishing Web content. WebDAV stands for "Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning" and is essentially a use of HTTP protocols for editing and managing content from remote servers. The concept is similar to FTP, however, since it uses HTTP protocols we can do things to make the transactions more secure such as using SSH encryption. Additionally, you can use any application that is WebDAV compliant in conjunction with FrontPage, which is an improvement over our previous publishing options.  In the past we had offered either FTP or FrontPage, but were unable to deliver both at the same time. 

The WebDAV protocol is quickly gaining acceptance and is currently supported in several commercial and publicly licensed software packages. Just a few of these application include the latest versions of Adobe Go Live, Macromedia DreamWeaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Web Folders, Macintosh Goliath, and Cadaver for UNIX. To learn more about the WebDAV protocol and applications that support it please visit