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Farewell ...

Well, all good things must eventually come to an end. I'm leaving UNT at the end of January to pursue a new opportunity with WebCT as an Instructional Technology Engineer.

Certainly we accomplished a lot during my tenure at UNT. When I started here 4 years ago, we only had a handful (maybe 10-20) Websites, only 2 servers (one of which ran, the personal Web pages from Jove and even a gopher server. The other was a P-90 running the original version of Caldera Linux. I think the kernel was like .9) and I was the only full-time staff (Sharon Marek was part time).

Now we've got 4 UNIX boxes, over 400 static Websites, over 400 Web-based classes, plus an NT box running a handful of Web-enabled databases (including our awesome event calendar). This doesn't include other services such as our streaming video server and our Verisign OnSite SSL certificate service. During this time we've seen our total Web page count go from around 30,000 to over 100,000. The Central Web Support staff is now a total of 4 people. Plus PAIS has a staff of 2.5 people working on the administrative Web areas, plus the Multimedia Library provides staff support for the creation of Websites.

It has been an exciting and mostly pleasurable time spent growing the Web at UNT, but it is time for me to move to do other things. I know I'm leaving the Web in capable hands at UNT.

UNT will always remain in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Best Wishes,