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Faculty/Staff NDS Directory Update

By Travis Brown, Campus Wide Networks Computing Team

As was mentioned in a recent campus-wide E-mail message, the Campus Wide Networks Computing Team is currently working on updating some of the biographical account information stored in the campus NDS system. You may ask, "How does this affect me?" Well, the information stored in NDS is what powers our GroupWise E-mail system and provides E-mail addresses, phone numbers, and campus office information to the GroupWise address book. Since many of the office locations and telephone numbers for NDS users have changed since they were originally entered, this gives you a chance to update them. In addition to correcting expired information, this update is being used to place your Faculty/Staff EUID into NDS and other systems so that we can eventually synchronize information between GroupWise, NDS, LDAP and other campus directories and to allow each user to select his/her preferred E-mail address.

To obtain this information, every faculty and staff member of the university will receive an E-mail with a link to a form on a secured Webpage. This link is created only for your personal account, and the information you will enter will be secured using SSL encryption. The information required is:

Please take the time to update your information when you receive this E-mail. If you have any questions, there will be full instructions included in the E-mail and on the website along with a help contact if you need further assistance.