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BulkMail gets an Update

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

Development is continuing on the Student Bulk E-mail system to enhance its functionality and security. BulkMail is handy way for Professors or administrators to send E-mail to students in their classes or to selected groups of students based upon the student's classification, College affiliation, or major.

As of Thursday, June 7, BulkMail has been changed to use the same authentication server as is used by EagleMail and Web publishing. Included in this change is an option to set a password if no password exists. Faculty/Staff who have activated UNT Internet Services will use that ID and password for logging into BulkMail. Faculty/Staff who have not activate UNT Internet Services can enter their EUID in the login page and will be routed to a set of pages where they can set a password which will work with bulk mail.

This change has increased the security of BulkMail in two ways. First, the login page is now running on a secure server and your username and password are transmitted on the network as encrypted text. Second, all communication between the authentication web page and the authentication server is encrypted, ensuring that your password cannot be easily obtained via network "sniffer" programs.

Please note that it is not necessary to have a UNT Internet Services or EagleMail account to use BulkMail. Setting a password to use for BulkMail does not prevent application for UNT Internet Services at a later date. This is true, however, ONLY for those who have NOT activated such accounts. If you can't remember your Internet Services (i.e. your dialup or jove) password, you can come to the Helpdesk in ISB 119 with your UNT ID card and have that password reset.

Password changes for BulkMail login can now be done via the UNT Internet Services Account Management page ( If you haven't activated Internet Services, this will only affect your BulkMail login. Otherwise, remember that your BulkMail, dialup, web publishing, and possibly jove or sol password will all be changed in the process.

Please direct any questions about BulkMail to Dr. Philip Baczewski (, Associate Director of Academic Computing. Your feedback is an important part of keeping BulkMail a useful tool for the Academic community.