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It's Tax Time!

It's that time of year again -- Tax Time! Listed below are some links to help you with this taxing time of year. But first some good news. You get an extra day to do your 20000 income tax. Its due April 16 (the 15th is a Sunday).



If you need help understanding your income taxes (and who doesn't!), visit:

  • AARP Online Tax Guide -- You can ask questions online, view the answers to others' questions, look for an AARP assistance program near you, and more.

  • -- All sorts of helpful information and links.

  • TaxPlanet -- "All things tax for individuals."

  • UncleFed -- "Having problems with Uncle Sam? Let Uncle Fed help you."

  • H&R Block Tax Center -- You can get online help and filing here, for a fee.

  • -- Another fee-based service. They claim that most people will only have to pay $9.95 for their services.

And Remember ...

Like the folks at American Profile said, "Even if someone else does your taxes, review the basic tax forms so you generally understand the process. Doing so might spur some ideas for additional deductions."

Good Luck!