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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Mohammad Khan, Programmer on UNT Fiscal Data Systems Team.
  • Patrick Dunn, Telecom Assistant (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Earl Garden, Programmer Analyst, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Team.
  • Tim McLeister, Telecom Assistant (part-time).
  • Norman Stewart, Telecom Assistant (part-time).


The following people have recently changed the locations of their offices within Computing Center facilities:

  • Computing Center Administrative Services: Rebecca Padia moved to ISB 235
  • The Student Services Data Systems Team moved to the GAB 460 suite: Mahshid Grooms, Jana Crews, Jenny Brooks
  • The Voice and Web Strategic Applications Team also moved to the GAB 460 suite: Nancy Fisher, Allen Akers, Heather Drennan, Alana Baker
  • The NDS, NT, and Server Support Team (part of Campus Wide Networks) moved to GAB 458, 458A, and 459: Craig Terrell, Jon Walker, Daren Dugan

Presentations, Publications

  • Dr.Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager, presented a paper at the International Studies Association conference held in Chicago Saturday (2/24). The paper, "Democratic Violence in Perspective: Internalization and Externality of Democracy in Latin America, 1948-82," was co-authored with John King of American University.

    Dr. Ho also has an article in the most recent issue of The Multiple Linear Regression journal. The article, "Outliers Lie: An Illustrative Example of Identifying Outliers and Applying Robust Models," was co-authored with Jimmie R. Naugher, University of North Texas.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager, has compiled a "Selected Discography of Women's Electro-acoustic Music (current through Spring 2000). It can be viewed at
  • Several Computing Center staff members gave presentations at EduTex 2001 recently. Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing Services, gave a talk entitled "A federated Model of Computing Support at a Large State University." Duane Gustavus, ACS UNIX Research Analyst, spoke on "Free Software on Campus: Something for Nothing?" and Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director, Academic Computing Services, spoke on "LDAP at the University of North Texas: Implementation and Uses."