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Your Web Support Staff

By Shane Jester, Campus Web Administrator

Web Support has made some staffing changes lately and I thought you might be interested in who the personnel are and what they do. As you may already know, Mark Wilcox has left the University for other career opportunities and I have assumed his duties and responsibilities as the Campus Web Administrator. We have also created a new position in our area dedicated to providing distance learning administration. Following is a list of the people working in our office and their jobs:

  • Austin Laird -- Austin is our new distance learning administrator. Austin is in charge of maintaining all of the WebCT servers and software on campus. He is also managing our Real streaming media server. In addition to these duties, he provides backup administration duties for the centrally supported Web servers.
  • Charity Beck -- Charity is our software support specialist. She provides consultation to faculty, staff, and students on Web page development techniques and tools. She also evaluates new development tools that we may wish to support on campus. Additionally, she assists with the day to day support requirements that we face in Web support.
  • Shannon Peevey -- Shannon is the newest member of our office and officially begins working for us on March 26th. Shannon will provide backup administration duties for all the centrally supported Web servers. He will also be the primary administrator for our ColdFusion server. As we expand our services in the coming months, Shannon will assume responsibilities as our database programmer and consultant.

In addition to these positions, we have one more position open for hire at this time. The position will provide WebCT support assistance for Austin.  It will also provide general end-user support for Web development on campus. We hope to fill this position shortly after spring break.

I Hope this gives you a better idea of who we are and what we do in the central Web support office. Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions.