Volume 4 - Number 11 * November 2001

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Read all about the "Enterprise Information System Selection Status Report, Part Two."

Holiday Hours

Wondering what labs might be open over the Thanksgiving Break? How about the possibility of getting help from the Helpdesk? If so, your questions are answered here.

UNT Internet Services in Transition

Over the past several years, efforts have been underway to expand and improve the student E-mail system (EagleMail) and move away from older and insecure host and authentication technologies. Inevitable in this process, is the retirement of older technologies and computer systems. Read on to find what this means to you.

Academic Mainframe Shutdown Proposed

All good things must come to an end. At least that's what they say. In the information technology world, the end usually comes more quickly than we think it should. But the march of technology is not abating and change is inevitable when using computers. One pending change is the eventual shutdown of the University IBM mainframe system. Details inside ...


Click on the title above and find out what lucky General Access Lab was profiled this month.

Using ColdFusion: Making a Connection to a Database

Shannon Peevey continues his step-by-step guidelines for getting started with ColdFusion here at UNT.

Today's Cartoon

Click on the title above for an information age laugh.

Don't forget to check out our monthly columns. This month's topics:
  • RSS Matters -- "A New Face in RSS" Meet the latest member of the RSS team.

  • SAS Corner -- "Data Capability: Reading OSIRIS data in SAS" If you have some OSIRIS datasets sitting around, this article is for you.

  • The Network Connection -- "Back to the Basics: DNS" The Internet is just "plug and play" these days, right? Well, maybe not quite ...

  • Link of the Month -- "Feral Cat Rescue Group at UNT" Lots of good information can be found on this site. Some of the new features include "Lost and Found Pets" and "How to Report Animal Abandonment.".

  • WWW@UNT.EDU -- "Web Developers Meet to Discuss Changes at UNT" Kenn Moffitt, Director of University Online Communications, talks about the recent meeting of UNT Web developers and what some of the UNT Web development issues are.

  • Short Courses -- Find out about the fall Academic Computing Services (ACS) short courses, and more, here.

  • IRC News -- Minutes of the Information Resources Council are printed here when they are available. The October minutes are contained in this issue.

  • Staff Activities -- New employees, people who are no longer employed at the Computing Center, and employee awards and recognitions are included in this article.