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Minutes provided by Sue Ellen Richey, Recording Secretary

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IRC Regular and Ex-officio Voting Members: Judith Adkison, College of Education; Ginny Anderson, Fiscal Affairs; Donna Asher, Administrative Affairs; Craig Berry, School of Visual Arts; Cengiz Capan, College of Business, GALC; Bobby Carter, UNT Health Science Center; Christy Crutsinger, Faculty Senate; Jim Curry, Academic Administration; VACANT, Student Association; Duncan Engler, University Planning Council; Don Grose, Libraries; Jenny Jopling, Instruction Program Group; Joneel Harris, EIS Project Group; Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Standards and Cooperation Program Group; Abraham John, Student Affairs; Christine Mitchamore,Graduate Student Council; Ramu Muthiah, School of Community Services; Jon Nelson, College of Music; Robert Nimocks, Director, Information Technology,UNTHSC; Patrick Pluscht, Distributed Learning Team; Mark Rorvig, Research Program Group (Acting Chair); Paul Schlieve, Communications Program Group; Kathleen Swigger, College of Arts and Sciences; Philip Turner, School of Library and Information Science and University Planning Council (Chair, IRC); Virginia Wheeless, Chancellor for Planning. IRC Ex-officio Nonvoting Members: VACANT, Telecommunications; Charles Andrews, GALMAC; Bill Buntain, Computing Center Networking; Jim Curry, Microcomputer Maintenance Shop; Richard Harris, Computing Center and University Planning Council; Coy Hoggard, Computing Center/Administrative; VACANT, UNT Health Science Center; Maurice Leatherbury, Computing Center/Academic; Sue Ellen Richey, Computing Center (Recording Secretary). [As of 9/2001]

October 23, 2001


The minutes of the September 18th meeting were approved as distributed.

IR Steering Committee

Richard Harris reported that the IR Steering Committee has not met but a draft of the revised IRC Charge has been given to Dr. Pohl and Mr. Diebel for review. The revised Charge document will be considered by the IRC at today’s meeting. Harris stated that the main changes to the old document were updates of members’ titles, the addition of a System Center representative, a clearer definition of the Steering Committee as well as Planning Groups (in place of the Program Groups), along with membership designations for these groups. The revision clarifies the relationship of the GALC to the IRC, also.

Harris distributed copies of the revised IRC Charge showing the Red-line and strike-outs 1), as well as copies of the finished draft . During discussion, it was stated that the Chair of each Planning Group should represent that group at IRC meetings, although a designated representative can attend IRC meetings if the chair is unable to attend. Mark Rorvig suggested that the word “centralized” be removed from the description of the Research Program Group’s responsibilities. Donna Asher suggested that the UNT Staff Council be represented on the Council. The membership of the EIS Planning Group was questioned and after discussion, it was agreed that the group would consist of the Core Project Team with the addition of faculty members chosen by the Faculty Senate. Patrick Pluscht asked for clarification of his position on the Council. It was explained that because of the service aspect of the Center for Distributed Learning, it should have Non-Voting Ex-Officio representation on the Council. Harris said he would make the suggested changes and bring the new Charge to the Council for a vote at the November meeting.

Distributed Computing Support Management Team

Maurice Leatherbury reported for the Distributed Computing Support Management Team that they have met regularly and announced that there is a new security analyst position in the Computing Center which will be working with Charlotte Russell, the Security Coordinator. The new analyst will be scanning equipment on campus to provide a baseline of information on what vulnerabilities exist. Cengiz Capan asked if there is a group looking into just what assets need to be protected. Maurice replied that there is a group called “UNT First” which consists of Computing Center personnel who are concerned with this issue. Cengiz suggested that persons outside the Computing Center should also be included in that effort. The DCSMT has also discussed the rolling out of Office XP and a sub-committee has been formed to look into this.

Instruction Program Group

Maurice Leatherbury also reported for the Instruction Program Group, in Jenny Jopling’s absence. The group’s primary item of business has been negotiating with the UNT Testing Center on how many machines will be available for the distance learning testing facility. Dr. Turner explained that UNT spearheaded the formation of centralized testing centers at various sites across the state so that students taking distance learning courses can go to these centers to take tests, as opposed to traveling to the campus from which the course originates. The difficulty seems to be finding staff to supervise the testing facility, since the Counseling & Testing Department does not think they have the staff to handle it.

Kathy Swigger suggested that a method of evaluation be developed for classrooms that contain computer technology, stating that faculty need to be able to report to someone their satisfaction or lack of it in these classrooms.

Cengiz Capan suggested that there might be some creative way to combine general access lab usage with the testing facility, thereby making more efficient use of resources, as well as providing staffing for the testing facility. It was also suggested that the Department of Business Services, which manages the Gateway Center, might be able to provide the staff needed to supervise the testing facility.

The consensus of the group was that Dr. Turner should take the issue of the testing facility before the IR Steering Committee.

Communications Program Group

Paul Schlieve reported that the Communications Program Group has not met since the last IRC meeting.

EIS Project Group

Joneel Harris reported for the EIS Project Group that they have completed the preliminary evaluation of the software vendor RFP responses. PeopleSoft, Oracle and SCT were the only vendors who responded. All three vendors passed the preliminary evaluation phase and stayed in at least two of the major software family areas. They have also completed the preliminary evaluation of the implementation services vendor RFP responses. PeopleSoft plus eight other vendors responded as being able to provide professional services for PeopleSoft software; Oracle plus two other vendors bid professional services for Oracle software; and SCT was the only bidder for professional services for the SCT software. The Project Group will meet this week to coordinate site visits and establish what software demos are desired. Joneel noted that the very first step after deciding on an Implementation Services vendor will be to have a much more comprehensive project plan prepared. Joneel pointed out that there is a Web site that contains all the information that is available concerning this project.

Research Program Group

Mark Rorvig reported for the Research Program Group that he is still seeking members to serve on this group. Kathy Swigger stated that faculty researchers need a group that can help them with their equipment and software problems.

Standards & Cooperation Program Group

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported for the Standards & Cooperation Program Group that they now have completed revisions of the Information Resources Security Policy, the Computer Resources Security Standards Policy, and the Microcomputer Data Integrity Policy. Elizabeth credited Charlotte Russell, the UNT Security Coordinator, for her assistance in re-writing these policies. It was important to have the policies conform to what the Department of Information Resources requires, and that their definitions and the ones used in these policies conform. The revised documents were taken before the Distributed Computing Support Management Team for their input, since members of that committee deal with security issues in their areas daily.

This being the first reading of these documents, the floor was opened for discussion. Mark Rorvig suggested a different approach when writing these policies, one that would first look at what data needed to be protected and then laying out procedures for establishing various methods for the protection of that data. Paul Schlieve suggested that a procedural document be written that would be more specific as to the methods of protection, and which would be referred to in the policy documents. Elizabeth agreed to work with other program groups to re-work the policies as well as prepare a procedures document.

Distributed Learning Team

Patrick Pluscht reported that the distributed learning team has not met, but there is a WebCT Conference beginning Wednesday, October 24, 2001 and continuing through Saturday, October 26. Also, UNT’s Center for Distributed Learning won the award for the best e-learning program in higher education at Telecon, which is the national expo and conference for videoconference web-based communication.

Other Business

Kathy Swigger reported that her department is having difficulty getting software contracts processed through the Legal Office. The Chair asked that Kathy talk with him after the meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

IRC Meeting Schedule

The IRC generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month, from 2-4 p.m., in the Administration Building Board Room. From time to time there are planned exceptions to this schedule. This fiscal year, the December meeting has been changed to December 11th, and the May meeting to May 7th. All meetings of the IRC, its program groups, and other committees, are open to all faculty, staff, and students.