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Link of the Month

Each month we highlight an Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list(s) or Website(s).

The Feral Cat Rescue Group at UNT (along with the Campus Cat Coalition) has re-vamped their Website. Go to and you will find lots of news and information. Some recently added items are:

  • Minutes of our last meeting. Now you can read the minutes anytime. Click on "News" and you will see a link to "Meeting Minutes."

  • More volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities are now being updated frequently.

  • Click on "Meetings and Upcoming Events" to read about upcoming activities.

  • The new t-shirts have been ordered and you can see the design on the web site. Click on "T-shirts for Sale."

  • NEW feature: Lost and Found Pets

  • NEW feature: How to Report Animal Abandonment

  • NEW links on our "Links" page, including feline health information.

  • The "Products Not Tested on Animals" page has been updated with more information and links to help you find the products.