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Update on SmartForce CBT

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

The response to the SmartForce Computer Based Training Campus system has been extensive and positive. Students, faculty, and staff are using the resource often and offering great suggestions for additional courses and services. UNT community members not yet familiar with the online training offered via this service are encouraged to visit the UNT SmartForce site.

CDs available

I would like to take this opportunity to update University users on additional services and options in SmartForce online training. For those who wish to use SmartForce at home but have a slow online connection, CDs containing course units can be requested. Currently I have CDs ready for the study of Windows 2000 Professional and Server, UNIX, Oracle 8i, and several other topics. Additionally, I have collaborated with Suzanne Gravois at the UNT Health Science Center so that HSC faculty, staff, and students can request CDs of courseware from her. Courseware CDs should be requested for at home use only; when on campus, users should access the SmartForce Campus System via the Web.

More Choices

Currently I am reviewing the course catalog from SmartForce in anticipation of adding a few more choices to the system as our budget will allow. Those involved with the new EIS project and migration will be especially interested in the expanded curriculum offered in database development and management and Oracle-based systems. Interested faculty, staff, and students may contact me for a copy of the catalog and I welcome E-mailed suggestions for new course offerings. Several requests have been made for expanded curriculum in C and C++ programming and I am currently studying the possibilities in this area as well.

Some people have been a bit confused about how to log on to SmartForce and what courses are available. I encourage everyone to look at the SmartForce Website because most questions you might have are answered there. However, any additional queries which are not covered at the site may be directed to me at