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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Aenequa Sanders, Tape Librarian, Computer Operations (part-time).
  • Rita Barello, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • Garvii Thomas, Statistical Consultant, ACS Research and Statistical Services(part-time).
  • Richard Anderson, Computer Systems Manager, Security and Administration Team.


  • Mohammad Khan, moved from UNT Fiscal Data Systems to DataBase Central Programming Systems Team (DB-CPST).

Awards, Recognition

There are tipsters in our midst! Barbara Heffley, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Programmer, and Samantha Moss, part-time Clerical Assistant in Administrative Services, were recognized for making suggestions in the September, 2001 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter, and Richard Harris, the boss, was recognized for his suggestions in the August 2001 Human Resources Newsletter.

The following people and groups were honored at the Staff Convocation, October 10:

  • Allen Akers, Voice & Web Strategic Applications Programmer/Analyst, received a Staff Contribution Award.
  • Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager, received a Staff Contribution Award.
  • The Computing Center, received an Outstanding Department Award.

The following people have been nominated as Soaring Eagles and will receive their award at the President's Staff Sack Lunch on October 22:

  • Christopher Cofer, ACS UNIX Systems Administrator, was recognized for helping "during some technical transitions."
  • Jana Crews, Student Services Data Systems Programmer/Analyst, and Barbara Heffley, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Programmer, "helped make fall fee payment processes much easier for students and staff by completing the programming for the prior term charges project."
  • Austin Laird, Computer Support Specialist, UNT Central Web Support, "worked late hours and weekends to make sure that everything was a 'go' for classes supported by WebCT after the summer upgrades."
  • Rong Wang, UNT/HSC Payroll/Personnel Data Systems Programmer/Analyst, was recognized for helping to get the new fiscal year payroll information out to all with such a short turn-around time.
  • Ben Howard, Network Manager Assistant, and Brenda Kirk, Computing Center Network Manager, helped duplicate "computer based training CDs for faculty, staff, and students who needed them this summer."
  • Allen Akers, Voice & Web Strategic Applications Programmer/Analyst, is "always helping out in a crunch! Your willingness to assist others is a wonderful thing."

Actually, his official title is "Associate Vice President for Computing and Communications Services."