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A New Method for Publishing and Editing Personal Web Pages

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

As of October 1, Academic Computing has upgraded the personal Web page service found at This upgrade was done to expand access to Web page publication and to use more current technology for publication and maintenance of those pages. Previously, personal Web page files were maintained on the UNIX system. Now is an independent server and no longer requires a jove account for Web page publication. For existing pages, we copied Web page files from jove to the new server. It is important to note that any changes made to files on jove will no longer be reflected on the site.

Personal Web sites can be created and maintained using tools such as Netscape Composer. A detailed description of this process is found at Web page files can be deleted using a new Web page management facility of the UNT Internet Services Account management page (

The new Web server also supports a protocol named DAV, also known in Windows as "Web Folders." The DAV protocol provides direct access to add, move, or delete Web files and folders. More information about DAV and DAV software can be found at Note that it is not recommended that Web Folders be used on any Lab or public computers, since the folder access is maintained until the PC is rebooted and the password may be automatically remembered by that Windows system.

If you have questions about the upgraded Web publishing server, please direct them to the UNT Computing Center Helpdesk (940-565-2324 or

Please see "WebDAV and You" in this issue for more information on WebDAV, also.