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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Jack Bates, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • Jeff Charette, CPU Operator (part-time).
  • David Franklin, CPU Operator
  • Binit Gupta, ACS Lab Consultant (part-time).
  • Jisuk Kim, ACS Lab Consultant (part-time).
  • Charles Knight, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • John Trautman, I/O/O Consultant (part-time, returning).
  • Nicholas Wagner, ACS Lab Consultant (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Arif Bilgen, Telecommunications Technical Assistant (part-time).
  • Jim Byford, Computer Support Specialist on the Notes and User Network Management/User Support Team (this group transferred to another part of the University).
  • Brendan Carroll, ABN network Assistant on the ADM, Notes and User Services Team (this group transferred to another part of the University).
  • Amy Durham, University Information Operator.
  • Randy Galloway, E-mail Analyst.
  • Eric Gody, ACS Lab monitor (part-time).
  • Gabrielle Jackson, Campus Operator, Telecommunications (part-time).
  • Daniel Lobert, I/O Consultant (part-time).
  • Darrin K. Morris, Telecommunications Specialist.
  • Bruce Pollock, ABN Server/User Support Computer Systems Manager (this group transferred to another part of the University).
  • Elise Waltman, Tape Librarian, Computer Operations (part-time).
  • Jesse White, Programmer/Analyst, Student Records Data Systems.


  • Alana Baker, programmer/analyst for D-Base/Central Programming Support, shall henceforth be known as Alana Skoric (pronounced "score-itch") to match her husband.
  • Eric DuChemin transferred from his Fiscal Systems Team Leader position to the newly created position of EIS Project Team Leader.
  • John Hooper transferred from his HRMIS Team Leader position to the newly created position of Administrative Computing Associate Director.

Awards, Recognition

The following people will be honored at the Chancellor's staff lunch on October 22 as "Soaring Eagles," for their outstanding service to UNT:

  • Allen Akers, Voice & Web Strategic Applications Programmer/Analyst, Jenny Brooks, Student Services Data Systems Programmer/Analyst Jana Crews, Student Services Data Systems Programmer/Analyst and Mahshid Grooms, Student Services Data Systems Team Leader, were recognized for all the hard work and overtime they put into the development of a new scholarship Web system.
  • Rong Wang, UNT/HSC Payroll/Personnel Data Systems Programmer/Analyst, was recognized for his hard work and programming abilities in a time crunch.