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IMSP Remote Address Book and Options Service to be Discontinued

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

In July of 2001, we announced that we'd be phasing out support for Simeon in favor of the EagleMail web-browser client (see System usage records indicate that some people are still using our IMSP server for storage of their Simeon options and address books.

As of September 1, 2002, the address book and options server will no longer be available. If you wish to continue to use Simeon, you will need to save your options and addressbook entries to your local computer.

Instructions for modifying your Simeon setup for local operation are included below. If you are unwilling or unable to perform these instructions without assistance then it is recommended that you change to using one of the following supported e-mail clients:

  1. EagleMail web client at (just log in with your current ID and password);

  2. Netscape Messenger (using for the outbound and incoming mail server);

  3. Microsoft Outlook Express (using for the outbound and incoming mail server).

The Computing Center Helpdesk (940-565-2324, can provide assistance with any of the three options above. The Helpdesk CANNOT provide any assistance with Simeon.

Since all incoming mail is stored on our IMAP server, changing mail clients will not affect access to any existing mail or folders on that server. If you wish save your Simeon address book entries, it is recommended that you export them to a local file by selecting the addressbook in the Simeon addressbook window and selecting "Export Address Book..." from Simeon's "Address" menu.

To modify your Simeon setup for local operation, follow the proceeding instructions and perform them in the order that they are listed. Note: Before proceeding with the instructions below it is recommended that you have or make a backup of your Simeon program directory and preferences (Mac users) or have the Simeon installer available to be able to reinstall the program if necessary.

  1. Run Simeon and log in as you normally do.

  2. Copy Server Address book entries to your Local Address book - in Simeon, click on the Addr icon to open the Address book Window - select all entries in the address book named for your login ID and drag them to the addressbook named "Local"

  3. Save a local copy of your Simeon options - in Simeon, select "options->saveas" from the "tools" menu - click on the button labeled "New" - if it's not already selected under "Option Storage Location", select "Local disk" - click on "OK" to save


  5. Edit the default.tcl file - Windows users will find a file named default.tcl in the same directory as as the Simeon program. Macintosh users will find default.tcl in the Simeon folder inside the Preferences folder within the System Folder. - edit default.tcl with a text editor (e.g. Notepad for Windows or Simpletext for Macintosh) - find a line which reads options Options.Location "remote" and change it to read options Options.Location "local" - save the file

  6. Edit the sysdflt.tcl file - Windows and Macintosh users will both find this file in the same directory as the Simeon program - edit sysdflt.tcl with a text editor capable of manipulating a large file (e.g. Wordpad for Windows or bbedit for Macintosh) - find a line which reads option -session Options.MandatoryRemote "TRUE" and change it to read option -session Options.MandatoryRemote "FALSE" - find a line which reads option -default AddrBook.Hostname "" and change it to read option -default AddrBook.Hostname ""

  7. Run Simeon - you will be prompted to enter your Post Office ID and password (enter your usual login name and password) - select "Post Office" and click on the "Info" icon - if it doesn't already say so, change "Folder Prefix" to
    INBOX. - if it doesn't already say so, change "Folder Location" to INBOX. - click "OK" - Simeon will prompt you to reopen the Post Office - click "Re-open" and you should see your Inbox and all of your folders.

  8. Exit Simeon

You should now be able to run Simeon from your local computer and all future options or addressbook changes will be saved locally.