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SAS Corner

What To Do When SAS Expires

By Garvii Thomas, Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant

It is the time of year when most University users of SAS gets an unkind message from SAS stating that their license has expired. Do not be afraid, here is what you need to do when the message appears in your log window:

  •  For students and personal users, you need to purchase the new SAS CD’s at the UNT Bookstore. 
  • For faculty and staff here at UNT you will need to contact the Research and Statistical Support Office (RSS) and we will then provide you with two files you can use to reinitialize SAS. One of them is named "SETINIT.SAS". If you can run that SAS program as you would any other SAS program, it will enable your copy of SAS for one more year and you can skip the paragraph below.

Beginning with version 8.2, SAS has renamed their renewal program, "SETINIT.SSS". The extension of SSS tells SAS to execute the program even if the grace period has run out. If you are renewing your SAS license and have a SETINIT.SSS file, you should be able to run it by either double-clicking on the file or by including it into the SAS program editor.

If you are using a version of SAS that is 8.1 or before and the grace period has run out, you cannot run any SAS programs including SETINIT.SAS. SAS will say, "Kernel Initialization Failed" when you attempt to start it and it will tell you to contact your SAS Representative to get a new setinit (RSS office). When the university pays to renew SAS, you will be given a program called SETINIT.EXE. Usually you can just run the program by double-clicking on SETINIT.EXE and use the Browse button to locate the SETINIT.SAS program. Clicking Submit will then run the program and fix your copy of SAS. Clicking on View Log will show you the SAS log that should say, "Siteinfo data have been updated". If that doesn't work and you continue to have problems, call the RSS office at 940-565-2140.  

Holiday Shopping

For holiday shoppers, here is a book that could keep you company over the holidays while the University is closed. This is a new book by Michele M. Burlew and is packed with examples that illustrate how to address many of the common issues you face when creating SAS data sets from external data files. Whether it involves handling a variety of input styles (list, column, formatted and named), accommodating external file features, or using different methods for reading the data, you'll find examples that can be easily copied and modified to meet your needs.  The book can be gotten off the following Website: .

Wishing all of you holiday cheers and may the New Year make all you wishes come through. -- Garvii