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Campus Computing News

By Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing

2002-2003 Teaching with Technology Grant Proposals Being Evaluated

Twenty-four grant proposals were received in this year's round of Teaching with Technology grants, a 20% increase over last year's count of 20 proposals. The 24 proposals have asked for $338,787 in funding although only $150,000 is available.

A committee of nine faculty and staff will be evaluating the proposals:

Evaluator Department
Judith Adkison College of Education
Randy Glean Graduate School
Dan Haerle College of Music 
Jenny Jopling Center for Distributed Learning
Melody Kelly Libraries
Christy Krutsinger Merchandising and Hospitality Mgmt
Maurice Leatherbury Computing Center
Sam Matteson Physics
Ken Thompson Marketing

The evaluation plan calls for the committee members to complete their reviews before Spring break, then meet after the break to make a final determination of which proposals will be recommended to Dr. Kesterson. 

A list as well as the text of most of the proposals can be found at the Center for Distributed Learning's Web site.