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Teaching Online at UNT*

Online Training Courses and New Certificate Add Flexibility and Recognition

Teaching online offers instructors the exciting ability to transcend the confines of a traditional classroom. The  exhilarating opportunities of an online course do come with some challenges, though. Instructors may find themselves in the role of a learner as they overcome the potential barriers (technology, time, and place) and create an optimal environment for achieving educational goals.

In order to assist faculty in their preparation for moving their courses to the online environment, the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) has moved their core training courses online. These courses include everything from how to use WebCT from a student point of view to the techniques of interface design, including how to use multimedia. For course descriptions, dates and registration, please go to

When instructors have completed the CDL core training courses, they will receive a UNT Excellence in Teaching Online certificate. With the certificate will come the Excellence in Teaching Online seal that the instructor may display in his or her course.

* This is adapted from a press release sent out by the Center for Distributed Learning.