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RSS Matters

ICPSR Direct

By Dr. Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager
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UNT faculty members and students can now directly download Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) data from the consortium's Website.  Thanks to the new program ICPSR Direct.  The consortium new program allows students and faculty of the member institutions to download ICPSR data sets directly from their site, without going through the Official Representative.

With ICPSR Direct, any user with an authorized IP address from a member institution may download data from ICPSR.  An authorized IP address refers to the address where resides any UNT machine connected to the on-campus network.  Examples are computers at the General Access Labs, or a networked machine at the faculty member's office. 

To access the data, just launch a Web browser from a UNT machine, visit the ICPSR Website,  search for the data needed, and click on the download link. ICPSR requires an email address from the user and there onward allows the user to download data.  This service is dedicated to users at ICPSR member institutions.  

ICPSR Web page

Despite the new development, Research and Statistical Support Office (RSS) continues to provide data and support services to the ICPSR data, particularly for those who need batch downloading of multiple data sets. Please contact the RSS office (565-4066, 565-2140) if you have any question regarding our data support service.