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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Monika Botha -  Programmer Analyst on Student Services Team, ADM.
  • Christopher Brooks - Computer Support Specialist on Desktop Operating Systems Team, Campus-Wide Networks, NCS.
  • Kathleen Chute - I/O Operator, Print Services, Production Services, MTS (part-time).
  • Shawna Williams - I/O Operator, Print Services, Production Services, MTS (part-time)
  • Asha Farooq -  Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time)
  • Yinghua Wang- Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time)
  • Charles Douglas - CPU Operator, Computer Operations, MTS (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Natalie Linares, Microcomputer Consultant, Helpdesk, ACS (part-time).


Qian Li- no longer works in ACS General Access Lab as part-time lab consultant; she is now a full-time Programmer on the UNT Fiscal Data Systems Team, ADM AND her last name is now McSherry.

Awards, Recognition

The following people are celebrating 10 year anniversaries at UNT and were recognized for that achievement by Inhouse:

* William A. Belcher Jr., Systems Programmer/Analyst, Mainframe Technical Services

* John William Hooper, Associate Director, Administrative Computing

* Michael R. Williams, Desktop Operating Systems Support, Network & Communication Services

* Johannes V. Walker, Network Operating Systems Support, Network & Communication Services was recognized for 5 years of service.

The Human Resources Newsletter (February, 2002) recognized these Computing Center employees as Soaring Eagles:

  • Scott Blackwell, Helpdesk Assistant Manager, who "stepped in with little training when his supervisor had to take off for 4 weeks. He handled the management of the Computing Center Helpdesk in an exemplary manner. Great Work!"
  • Linda Wallace, Programmer/Analyst on the Student Records Data Systems Team, along with some folks from Printing Services "helped in preparing a large mail out for the meningitis notification. They did this all in a short period of time to meet the deadline. Thanks for Soaring!"
  • Telecommunications Specialists Gary Primeaux, Larry Vick, and David Walden, were recognized for their ". . . assistance during the UCM's move. Your help made it a success!"
  • Howard Shaw, Student Records Data Systems Programmer; was recognized for being extremely helpful" and coming through in "flying colors. Thanks for Soaring!"