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Campus Computing News

EagleMail Update

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing and
Cliff Cozzolino, Student E-mail system analyst

Upgraded EagleMail Web Interface is Online

As announced in last month's Benchmarks Online, an upgraded version of the Web-based EagleMail client has been installed at The new interface incorporates many new customization features and has eliminated the "frames" in the browser window in order to be more ADA compliant. One of the new features allows messages from a single address to be immediately discarded. A filter rule will be automatically created when you select a message and click on "Blacklist".

ACS staff has made some improvements which were not included in the software as it was distributed. Direct access to your address book is available for message composition and replies. To use this feature, open a message composition window and click on the link named "Contacts". A new window (your address book) will appear. Select the addresses you would like to send to and click on the "Insert Into Message" link. This will insert the addresses into the corresponding compose window fields.

An attachment virus scanning option has been added for messages that are received through the EagleMail interface. For message composition, attachments are automatically tested for viruses. If the attachment tests positive, the request to attach is refused. For messages received, there is now a link name "Virus Scan" located next to each attachment. Click this link to determine whether the E-mail sent to you is infected. Please be aware that virus scanning is not foolproof and new undetectable viruses are created everyday, so please be cautious with all attachments.

Please report any problems to the Computing Center helpdesk at (940-565-2324).

EagleMail Password is now used for Web Registration

As of the spring semester, Web Registration uses the same username and password as EagleMail. This makes it even more important to remember your EagleMail password (of course, one way to do so is to read your EagleMail frequently). Setting a password through the Web Registration page also sets up EagleMail service and provides a mailbox and folder space accessible via the EagleMail Web page. Likewise, if you set up an EagleMail account via, you will immediately be able to use that username and password to access WebReg and Web Bills.

Password Reset Facility is now on Line

Forgot your password? You can now reset your EagleMail password on line. Just visit the UNT Internet Services account management page ( and click on the "Forgot your Password?" link. You will have to provide some information (including your username) in order to verify you are the owner of the account.

Protecting your EagleMail account from SPAM

SPAM is the word most people use to describe those unsolicited mass E-mail messages that show up in your mailbox. It is almost impossible these days to prevent all SPAM from being received, however, there are some steps you can take to guard your address from getting on SPAM mailing lists.

Most students don't realize that by law, the University is required to release your "directory information" to any external organization or individual who requests it. That information includes your E-mail address. Students can request that their directory information be withheld by completing a form ( and returning it to the registrar's office. According to the Registrar's office FERPA information page (

Directory information regarding the student will be provided to the public upon request unless student files a request in the Registrar’s Office asking to be excluded from the directory or from any other requests for open directory information from outside entities. The request should be submitted prior to the 12th class day in the fall and spring terms, the 2nd class day of the May mini-mester, or the 4th class day in the summer terms. A request to withhold information may be submitted after the stated deadline for a term, but information may be released between the deadline and receipt of the request. The file of a student who has asked to be excluded from the directory information will remain flagged until the student requests that the flag be removed.
Directory information consists of a student’s full name, address, E-mail address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, classification, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of athletic team members, dates of attendance, degrees, awards received, the last educational agency or institution attended previous to UNT, and photograph.

Students who are concerned about SPAM should request that their directory information be withheld. Another step to take is to withhold your address from the on-campus directory. This can be requested in the E-mail services section of the UNT Internet Services Account Management Page ( Other guidelines to follow are:

  • don't subscribe to open mailing lists or post your address in chat groups;
  • don't use your address to post to network news groups;
  • don't include your address on a public Web page.

People who collect E-mail addresses to send SPAM look in all of the above places to find addresses. It's impossible to totally prevent SPAM, however, by following the guidelines above, your exposure to SPAM can be minimized.

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