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Research and Statistical Support

SAS Corner

By Dr. Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

Bits and Bytes in Summer 2002

  • New standalone SAS available for sale - The SAS Learning Edition 1.0 is designed for beginners who want to learn SAS, either using the point-and-click interface or in the programming environment. The software is priced at $125 and comes with a book, Getting Started with SAS Learning Edition. However, it does not come without limitations. Since it is basically created for learning SAS, the software only reads 1,000 observations and it comes with no technical support (except an FAQ list). Plus, the license expires in December of 2006. The software is not available at the UNT Bookstore since a student version is for sale for UNT students. If you are interested in the SAS Learning Edition, check out: For more details, check

  • Price cut: SAS student version at the UNT Bookstore is available at $10. Remember the software will only be valid through February 1st, 2003.

  • Graphics to MS Office: Ever having trouble in importing SAS graphics to a Word document?  SAS has a very detailed article on how to export SAS graphics into different formats before inserting into MS Office documents. Check out: An Introduction to Exporting SAS/Graph Output to Microsoft Office 

  • Importing delimited files: we have discussed on working with delimited files in SAS in earlier issues.  Here is an article from SAS with details and screenshots: How to invoke the Import Wizard to read a CSV, TAB, or delimited file