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Research and Statistical Support

New Software Available

By Dr. Karl Ho, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

The RSS office has recently acquired two new statistical packages: Stata and NUD-IST 6. Stata is a command-based, integrated Statistical package that covers a wide range of statistical procedures for researchers and educators.  

Stata graphic

Like S-Plus and R, the beauty of Stata over other commercial proprietary packages is its constantly growing number of procedures provided by the vendor and Stata users. Stata is easily programmable and its modularity allows users to download "ado" files (ASCII files that contain Stata program) to perform statistical procedures programmed by other Stata users. You can easily search for and grab the Stata ado files from the internet for specialized procedures. Or the internet connectivity of the program allows you to update the software that carries the latest version and collection of the up-to-date ado files. 

Stata is available for most popular operating systems including Windows, MacOS, UNIX and Linux.  Despite that the software is command-based, i.e. users type in command and get output on the same screen, a free addition, StataQuest can be applied to add on a pull-down menu system allowing users to point and click:

Stata menu example

Currently, UNT has a special discount plan for faculty and student purchase.  For details about the GradPlan pricing, please contact RSS office.

Below are some images produced by Stata.

Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6


N6 is the latest version of NUD-IST, a package for code-based qualitative analysis. It has an efficient management of "Non-numerical Unstructured Data" such as notes, paragraphs from newspaper, on which the program performs content analysis.  

NUD-IST screen example


NUD-IST screen example@

N6 is for Windows only, but an older version (N4) is available for MacOS PowerPC.  

In the upcoming Benchmarks issues, we will give more details on these two packages.   Stay tuned.