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Free Virus Protection for Home PCs

By Travis Brown, Campus Wide Networks Computing Team

UNT is now offering free antivirus software for all its faculty, staff, and students to use on their home computers! Good deal? No it's Great! By installing McAfee's VirusScan Home Use Option v.6.0 on your home PC (other versions for MAC and Linux), you can have the security of knowing that you have taken the most important step to protect yourself from malicious viral attacks that plague the internet.


McAfee antivirus software includes:

  • System Scan (VShield) - scans memory to stop viruses before they can be run
  • Download and E-mail Scan - scans files as they are downloading (Includes Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, AOL, Netscape and others)
  • Internet Filter - blocks malicious Internet sites
  • Automatic Updates - updates virus definitions automatically to help catch the latest viruses


You can download the software for free at Remember to have you EUID and password handy. The file is 23 MB in size, so it'll take a few hours to download over a modem, but it's well worth it. We may have a CD available shortly for a nominal distribution fee; keep watching UNT's virus information page ( for details.

Virus Activity

Computer viruses are spreading faster than ever. “Iatro” (Greek for doctor) is UNT's GroupWise E-mail scanner* and stops about 3,000 infected E-mail messages each month (see for mind boggling details). It stopped a record number of 14,900 infected E-mail messages in May. Since new viruses appear every weak, it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT that every computer is continually updated with the latest definition files. All the information you'll need and simple configuration instructions can be found at

Happy and safe computing!

* EagleMail virus scanning is now available also. According to this article in the January 2002 issue of Benchmarks Online, "An attachment virus scanning option has been added for messages that are received through the EagleMail interface. For message composition, attachments are automatically tested for viruses. If the attachment tests positive, the request to attach is refused. For messages received, there is now a link name 'Virus Scan' located next to each attachment. Click this link to determine whether the E-mail sent to you is infected. Please be aware that virus scanning is not foolproof and new undetectable viruses are created everyday, so please be cautious with all attachments."