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Update on SmartForce CBT

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

"I suddenly felt a disturbance in the Force...."

" was as if thousands of voices cried out.....'When can we upgrade our browsers and still use SmartForce...?'"! (hopefully Star Wars fans will catch the reference?) Well folks, this should be just around the corner. The SmartForce techs have mailed me a new plugin that is supposed to work with the latest Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. I will be sending a message to all network managers when this plugin is in place for university community use. In the meantime please remember that SmartForce CBT does not work with any Internet Explorer version above 5.0. SmartForce works with all versions of Netscape but does not install correctly in Netscape 6.2.1. However, we have created a handy little batch file to fix the 6.2.1 problem and you are welcome to E-mail me for it if needed.

An analysis of course use and University needs was conducted early in the semester with the idea of changing some selections to better fit the training priorities of faculty, staff, and students. In many cases the SmartForce company is still developing courses for the newest software and operating systems. However, a full suite of Office XP courses is available and has been shipped to me. These courses will be installed after Spring Break and once again, I will make a general announcement about their availability. In exchange for these new classes, we have retired some older ones dealing with outdated applications and operating systems. Office2000 training will also remain in place since this is the suite used currently by the university.

Other courses that will be forthcoming once development is complete include updated Linux training; modules dealing with Macromedia's Flash, Cold Fusion, and Dreamweaver applications; and offerings in Oracle9i and Solaris8. These will be installed as soon as they are received and older versions of the training will be dropped. Once again, I will be creating subject-based CDs on these new topics for ease-of-use at home. All of these course updates will be announced after their implementation.

I refer everyone to the UNT SmartForce Website for account information, server contents, tutorials, and FAQs about the system. Specific inquiries can also be sent to me via E-mail.