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The previous issue in this series can be found in the October, 2002 issue of Benchmarks Online: An Introduction to Multilevel Models (Part I):  Exploratory Growth Curve Modeling

Statistical Resources on the Internet

By Dr. Rich Herrington, Research and Statistical Support Consultant

This month we survey some of the resources available on the internet for those who are interested in using statistics and statistical software.  This list is in no way comprehensive and is in some sense biased, but does list resources that cover my interests in research, statistics and statistical computing. Some of the areas covered are statistical computing, basic statistics and advanced statistics including: multivariate theory, general psychometric theory, item response theory, latent structure analysis, multilevel modeling, missing value imputation, and Bayesian analysis.  Statistical packages and statistical environments covered include: SAS, S-PLUS, R, LEM, WinBUGS,  EQS, AMOS and LISREL. There are many individualized programs that are specific to a particular task (e.g. GPOWER - power analysis program).  It is encouraging to see that many instructors and researchers are making their course notes and worked examples available for everyone on the internet.  It truly is a time of abundance for those of us involved in using statistics and statistical computing resources for research. 

Next week we return to Part II of our series on Multilevel Models. 



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