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SAS Corner

So Long, Later

By Dr. Karl Ho, Former Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

So long. 

After over six years working at the UNT Computing Center, I finally have to bid farewell to Denton, a place I have lived longer than anywhere else except my home city, Hong Kong.  Indeed, Denton is like my de facto home away from home. I still remember the days of my life, spent in this little but special city of Texas, and the moments of truth, enjoyment, passions and tears flash through like a montage in my mind every now and then. This is the most memorable period and career of my life.

I can't give enough thanks to the colleagues, teachers and friends in various departments and academic units at UNT.  There are so many of them that I can't put their names in this one by one.  But I've got to mention my ACS friends and colleagues who are so special that I didn't realize how much I've lost until I left them.  They include Claudia, who reigns her Benchmarks kingdom by flagging the monthly reminder: "where is MY article?"; Duane Gustavus, the occasionally long-winded wizard, who philosophizes from Linux guru-age to political freedom in cyber world;  Cathy Hardy, the kindest and cutest programmer who pets Shadow and the IBM mainframe; Bahram, the coach, whose students comprise future soccer stars in numerous Denton high schools and UNIX kindergarteners like me; and Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, who finalizes our software warehousing project at GAUSS, while juggling with book projects and mothering two J.T.s.   Special thanks also go to Sue Ellen, the most patient and competent administrative officer on earth and Sandy Burke, the genuine expert and the most instant guide in all MS Office apps.  Last but not least, Dr. Baczewski, who still tops my list of most amazing people I have ever known.  I can pick his brain on almost any area involving a computer. In fact, Phil is the one who really deserves most of the credit for the RSS services.  These are my friends and teachers with whom I share my laughs, and enjoyable moments.

Of course, I have to express my gratitude to my staff consultants and friends, Dr. Rich Herrington and Garvii Thomas, whose daily hard work keeps RSS rolling.  I am sure Rich and Garvii will team up well and provide even better service at RSS. 

Finally,  I can't not thank you enough, my RSS customers and readers of my columns.  Over the years, I have grown and learned by helping customers with their projects, proposals and dissertations and by getting valuable feedback.  It is such an invaluable experience it has certainly made my time here the golden years of my life.  As I am heading for new endeavors of my career, I will always remember the years in Denton.  Let me wrap this up by bidding a Chinese farewell(), pronounced as "Jai-jen", meaning "We will meet again". 


Karl Ho is currently working as a Research Scientist at the School of Social Sciences in the University of Texas at Dallas.  You can reach him at