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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Cathy Jackson - University Information Operator.
  • Brian Bartels - I/O Operator, Print Services, Production Services, MTS (part-time)

  • Axton Grams - Computer Support Specialist in Academic Computing Services, Call Tracking Administration (Remedy).

  • Neda Salahi - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  • Yoke Teo - Computer Support Specialist in Network Computing Services.

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Kathleen Chute - I/O Operator, Print Services, Production Services, MTS (part-time)
  • Karl Ho - Research and Statistical Support Services Manager. A farewell message from Karl can be read here.
  • Keith Smith, Programmer on HRMIS team, ADM.


  • Samantha Moss - Was a student assistant (part-time) in the Computing Center Administration division, is now a full-time Administrative Assistant in that same division.
  • Bahram Paiani -  Has moved from Academic Computing Services to the Campus Wide Networking (CWN) Group where he will work closely with the messaging team. He will continue to provide the excellent listserv and mailhost services that you're accustomed to.

Awards, Recognition

The following people were recognized in the October 4 issue of Inhouse for their years of service to UNT:

  • Ronnie Seay, Production Control Specialist - 15 years of service.
  • Minnie Hill, Programmer with the Fiscal Data Systems Team - 5 years of service.

The following people have been nominated as Soaring Eagles and will receive their award at the President's Staff Sack Lunch on October 22:

  • John Kulmacz, Data Communications Assistant, Sue Ellen Richey, Administrative Services, and a host of folks from other areas of the University were recognized for their efforts in helping Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager,  move/re-establish the adaptive technology lab from Chilton Hall to ISB 110.

  • Philip Brooks, Production Services Manager, Joanne Luksich, Data Entry Coordinator, and Ronnie Seay, Production Control Specialist, were recognized in their hard work in support of the production of UNT's annual report. 
  • Randy Franek, Programmer/Analyst Database/Central Programming Support, came to the aid of a fellow employee and helped move boxes.
  • Barbara Heffley, UNT Fiscal Data Systems Programmer/Analyst, helped a new student to understand information relating to Student Accounting.
  • Judy Tate, Computer Print Services supervisor, joined with folks from the UNT Libraries to help meet an important deadline.
  • Harold Nogle, Helpdesk Consultant, went the extra mile when he came in over the Labor Day weekend to help reset network servers.