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This Just In . . .

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

Usenet Newsgroup Services to be Discontinued

The Computing Center will discontinue offering Usenet newsgroup
services, according to Bahram Paiani, who administers the service. Due to low usage, UNT's Usenet news service will cease operation on August 31, 2003.

Anyone who has local Newsgroups set up for their departments and/or
organizations can contact Bahram to discuss changing  to a 'listserv' mailing list alternative.

Exam Processing

In an effort to protect secure information that Computing Services handles in regard to exams, Data Entry will now be sending exam results to professors via E-mail.  Jo Ann Luksich, Data Entry Supervisor, states that they will only provide printouts by request, since they can be printed from E-mail.  According to Luksich, this will help to provide more efficient service and, perhaps, save a few trees. Please contact Jo Ann of you have questions/comments about this policy.