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Each month we highlight an Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list(s) or Website(s).

UNT Online Publications

You know about Benchmarks Online, but did you know that there are quite a few other publications available online from various UNT departments? Check these out:

  • The Spreadsheet  - The Office of the Controller's newsletter is archived here. This site is important to UNT faculty and staff because, according to The Spreadsheet Website: As interpretations of the law constantly change and new laws go into effect, procedures within the University Controller's Office change. Policies are developed to aid in administering required changes. As a means of notifying the University community immediately of these changes, a publication entitled "Spreadsheet" is distributed to accountholders.

  • InHouse@UNT - According to their Website, InHouse@UNT exists to "foster a sense of community by communicating faculty and staff achievements, showcasing faculty and staff contributions to the university's success, providing news and information relevant to the university, and reporting official actions and policies." It is published twice monthly (except for March and December when just one issue is published) for the faculty and staff of the University of North Texas by the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services.

  • Human Resources Newsletter - Just like it sounds, the Human Resources Newsletter is a publication of the department of Human Resources. It has all sorts of useful information of interest to faculty, staff, and student employees.