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Staff Activities


The following are new employees:

  • Dennis Scroggins, Program/Project Specialist, EIS Project.
  • Bob Blake, Programmer/Analyst, EIS Project.
  • Subhransu Mishra, Programmer/Analyst, EIS Project.
  • John Mitchell Smith, Computer Support Specialist, EIS Project.
  • Misty Wells, Computer Systems Manager, Central Web Support.

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • McKenna Metcalf,  I/O Operator (part-time).
  • Brandon Campbell, Data Entry Operator..

Awards, Recognition, Publications

The following people were recognized as Soaring Eagles in the April 2003 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Lance Harris and Scott Windham, Communications Services, were thanked for their hard work to ensure that video conferences run smoothly.
  • Rhonda Holmes, Administrative Assistant UNT Research Park, was praised for her "coordination and organizational skills" during the recent move out to the Research Park.
  • Sharon McSherry and Dan Strange, UNT Fiscal Systems, and Judy Tate, Printing Services, were lauded for their "dedication, expertise and staying past midnight to complete a project on schedule.
  • Alana Skoric, EIS Project, was thanked for "downloading crucial information, so that we may better serve our students."
  • David Walden, Telecommunications, was thanked for the outstanding job he did assisting the Psychology Department.

The following people were recognized for their years of service to UNT in the April 4, 2003 issue of InHouse@unt:

  • Jenny Brooks, Programmer/Analyst, Student Services Data Systems - 15 years of service .
  • Cathy Hardy, Academic Database Administrator, Academic Computing Services - 15 years of service.