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SPSS 12.0 is Available Now from Academic Computing Services

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

SPSS 12.0 has been released and has been fully tested and implemented by Academic Computing Services. All installation materials needed by network managers are available from GAUSS_STATAPPS.ACS.Acad.UNT\all_SPSS\SPSS_12\ . A text file with the appropriate serial numbers and license codes is included in the SPSS_12 folder. Additionally, an online manual for SPSS 12.0 is found in this location.

Network managers can associate their license objects with the following license container in the following location:

SPSS+SPSS+11_0_1.Application Metering.ACS.Acad.UNT

Our SPSS enterprise license no longer requires that the application be metered but it would be 'nice' to do so in order to enable the easy gathering of usage statistics.

Faculty and staff needing individual copies for home machines, laptops etc. can contact the staff at Research and Statistical Support Services for those individual application CD-ROMs.

Questions about the metered version of SPSS 12.0 should be directed to Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner